Thursday, January 07, 2010

Issue 12: Vic Chesnutt Tribute

This issue of Sleephouse celebrates the life and work of Vic Chesnutt. A wonderful songwriter who died on Christmas Day just gone.

Click here to listen now!

1. 'Speed Racer'
2. 'Dying Young'
3. 'Guilty By Association'
4. 'Degenerate'
5. 'Bernadette & Her Crowd'
6. 'Like A Monkey In A Zoo'
7. 'Splendid'
8. 'And How'
9. 'Flirted With You All My Life'

Click here to contribute a donation to help Vic's family pay his medical debts.

Click below for the full versions of the interviews which feature in this show.

Vic's final radio interview on NPR: Songs Of Survival And Reflection: 'At The Cut' (Listen here)

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